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Why is my Samsung Galaxy S II really warm and not holding its charge? | Google Android Info

Why is my Samsung Galaxy S II really warm and not holding its charge?

Why is my Samsung Galaxy S II really warm and not holding its charge?

Adrian Roberts Why is my Samsung Galaxy S II really warm and not holding its charge?
Hi, Since yesterday my Samsung Galaxy S II is really warm to the touch. I charged it overnight to 100% and then unplugged it, it immediately went down to 53%. Do I need a new battery? If so do I need to charge the new battery for any length of time before use? Thanks
Is it ok to use Battery Doctor alongside Juice Defender Plus which I already have?

Answer by TrustTheAsian
I have the same phone. The exact issue hasn’t happened to me but I realized what is killing my battery everyday.

Download the free app “Battery Doctor”, then using it, turn off most things that will drain your battery. MOST IMPORTANTLY, your 3G when you are not using it. Turning it on when you need it takes like 3 seconds and saves you hours of battery time. Even when you are connected to Wifi.

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Dolly says:

Yes, sounds like the battery is worn out so time to get a new one, though a new phone is sometimes cheaper than getting a new battery. It will need charging for a good few hours when you get a new one *_*

Lisa says:

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ScσττRΛSC³ says:

Well yea. You need a new battery.

No, you don’t though it is usually recommended that you discharge it completely then recharge it fully.

Andi says:

That is a classic sign of a dying battery

you could try a couple of other things
- remove the batter for 10-20 mins
a) to cool down
b) let it and the phone recover
(you may have to set date/time again)

- check what apps are running all the time
if you have a constantly running app, it can drain the battery,
but it would not cause the 100% to 53% immediate drop in charge.
more over a few hours.

If you are using a Battery manager, then you could also try removing it
and seeing if it is actually part of the problem (!)
(you can always re-load it – the account does not forget you had it originally)

http://www.juicedefender.com/ – standard and plus editions

Battery doctor – is another

however, just simply letting the batter get to 10-20% or so before charging to 100%
is more than good enough for battery care – no need for special apps
well, at least once a week/every two weeks do a full charge (as above),
- you can early recharge sometimes if you need to be sure it is fully ready for a long day.

Remember too, that sometimes these ‘battery managers’ are not really doing you a favour – they sometimes discharge the battery then recharge it. That is a full cycle, not needed or good Every time – each cycle costs you (a battery is rated at approx 1000 full charges), so if it does not need charging, it should be left alone (so to speak).

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