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What apps should I get for my Samsung Galaxy S2? | Google Android Info

What apps should I get for my Samsung Galaxy S2?

What apps should I get for my Samsung Galaxy S2?

What apps should I get for my Samsung Galaxy S2?
I just got an AT&T Samsung Galaxy S2 and this is the first time I have ever had a smartphone or android. I have been searching on Google for apps but much of it is outdated, such that old “tweaks” or apps are already incorporated into the latest Galaxy S2. What are some good/must have apps for entertainment and better yet, productivity or phone management (stuff that keeps the phone running smooth). Thanks.

Answer by The Big J
There’s one called app killer or something like that, very useful to save battery and data. Two apps i find essential: flashlight and calculator. There are lots of free ones. Also, other intenet browsers like Opera mini.

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RonThe says:

For a great web browser try Opera mobile. SwiftKey X is a really great keyboard. Evernote is an awesome note app. Folder organizer is a great way to organize your apps. These are just a couple of my favorites that I put on my Epic4gtouch

heloo says:

Great job on picking one of the best if not the best phone out.
there are soo many apps you can get over 400,000…
plus since you are running android you can even get the paid apps for free!(if you know what sites to download them from)

some of my favorite apps are Mytubo(excellent for quick picture edit),alarm clock plus,angry birds,uber music player,co pilot live(got it for free I can use my phone as a gps without data),Death worm, color note,ebuddy,Shazam and where’s my droid..if you misplace your phone text lost..and your phone will ring even if it is on silent..text lost GPS..and it will send you the gps co-ordinates and a map of where your phone is…oh yeah and skype

Lazy says:

I just find a good Applist for your device http://android.pandaapp.com/topics/tags/

forehowe123 says:

Learn about the best apps at this website. You’ll find apps to fit many interests.


Seton Wayne says:

go to mobile.android.com and read the reviews and top apps. you will find out what you like.

wheatly says:

good and free android apps, also dont get task killer- on the new android phones they end up killing the battery.

“double twist” sync your itunes songs to your android
“Drop box”- move files wirelessly from your pc to your phone
“Unified remote”- use your android as remote for your computer- play movies, view your files, etc.
“YouTube mate”- download YouTube videos(sometinge gets rmoved from market, you can google it though)
“IP webcam”- use your phone/tablet as a webcam
“Algeo”- a scientific/graphing calculator similar to a TI 89
“Adao file manager”- manage your phones files
“tv. com” watch tv programs using wifi
“tune in radio”- listen to the radio….
“Where’s my droid”- never lose your phone/tablet again, just send it your attention word and the volume maxes out and even receive its location on gps
“go keyboard- my personal favorite keyboard (try the black or iphone theme for it)”

free android games- this also depends on how good your phone is, some of the lower end phones cant use them (mine isnt that great)

lane splitter- traffic racing
death worm (demo)- play as a giant worm and terrorize people
asphalt 5- high graphics racing game
angry birds- it think you know….
dragon fly- like the iphones version of tiny wings
atilt labyrinth- guide a ball through a maze by titling your phone
winds of steel (demo)- flying shooting game
Jet car stunts
fruit slice
Alien invation
Office jerk
Where is the red
cubes- like cube runner
abduction- like doodle jump

Fun random apps
“google sky map”, know the position of stars using augmented reality
“google googles” search the web my using images
“shazam/hound sound” record a piece of a song and shazam will tell you the name, artist, etc. of the song
“circle launcher”(widget)- store more apps if running out of room on home screen
“funny jokes” great jokes, by community… (secret community? lol you’ll get it.)
“screen filter” using your phone in the dark

For some high end games..

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