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Samsung Galaxy note memory problem…? | Google Android Info

Samsung Galaxy note memory problem…?

Samsung Galaxy note memory problem…?

RossB18 Samsung Galaxy note memory problem…?
Basically my phone is telling me that I have ran out of memory on my phone.
I have a 12gb SD and 2gb internal storage.

The phone states I have:
248mb available for internal storage and 13.86mb on the SD card. But the numbers don’t add up.

Apps: 1.23gb (internal)
Pictures, videos: 1.61gb
Audio: 112kb
Downloads: 15.55mb
Misc: 420mb

Which only equals 3.4gb!
Where has the other nearly 9gb gone? Does anyone else have this problem or have a solution?

Answer by Francis G
2 different types of memory which appear to be “adding” together

specs for SG NOTE II are
Memory Card slot microSD, up to 64 GB
Internal 16/32/64 GB storage, PLUS 2 GB RAM

Physical memory is EITHER phone memory 16Gb /32Gb/ 64Gb OR memory card up to 64Gb so if you interrogate either you will see the filenames file-size date EITHER in PHONE MEMORY OR MEMORY CARD

Imaging you have a physical art collection and music collection, comic collection DVD collection (. collector !)

RAM WOULD BE A VIEWING ROOM, you can only bring so much physical stuff into the room before you run out of space…. RAM
A jpeg / photo is physically stored on say a memory card, to view, loaded into….. RAM (Legal were all over that statement)

***Browsing history and cache also utilise RAM even though you have logged out of the Internet****

When you view “Active Applications” the more applications open the more RAM you use

With all memory USB/microSD/ HDD/ NOT all of it is available for storage**** SAME ALSO with RAM the phone OS uses some of the 2GB

****Available space PLUS used will ALWAYS be less stated capacity but you DO get the stated capacity

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