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Q&A: What does custom OS mean? | Google Android Info

Q&A: What does custom OS mean?

Q&A: What does custom OS mean?

Sioned What does custom OS mean?
This states on my Samsung Galaxy Note phone Warning!! A custom OS can cause problems in phone and installed applications. If you went to download a custom OS, press the volume up key. Otherwise press the volume down key to cancel. Volume Up : Continue. Volume Down : Cancel (Restart Phone), Now when i took my phone to be flashed but was unable to do as some problems to the phone and got the phone back i pressed volume down key and menu and power button for the Custom OS and i go on to the next screen it states Downloading do not turn off target. And now my phone will now only go to the samsung startup screen and will not charge or nothing! Whats wrong with this phone?
So does this mean my phone is f***ked now?
So does this mean my phone is f***ked now?

Answer by Joe
OS means the operating system.

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Ben says:

Custom OS means that you can set a custom operating system for the phone. Basically it means you can change what functions of your phone do.

steven judge says:

First ROM. means read only memory. Now to start a stock Rom is the version of the phone’s operating system when you buy it.
Custom Rom os a full standalone version of the os including the kernel( which makes everything run) apps, services etc- everything you need to operate the device, except it’s customized by someone, in some way.
Since android is open source, developers are free to take stock ROMs, and modify them, strip them of garbage, optimize them and add things, and pretty much do what ever theory imagination and skill allows them to do.
Using a custom ROM usually results in more frequent updates that fix bugs, and introduce new features because the developer behind the ROM doesn’t have the same procedures or restrictions that the manufacturer+ carrier combo dose.
Something may go wrong with the flashing and leave your phone in a bricked state. You can restore it back to normal by a factory reset (clean wipe).
Things to know:
1) you can void your warranty. Cuz you break the seal on the boot loader by installing a custom ROM.
2) be sure you know what your doing, before attempting to do this on your own.
3)choose a Rom that has been tested by time and has a lot of positive feed back
I hope I have been a help to you. Good luck

Ivan says:

It is just a warning for those who are going to flash custom ROMS onto their phones. These are non manufacturer versions of android. Ask phones have that message

john says:

What do i do about custom os appear in my galaxy nxt turbo,do i.install it or not? If i install it, do my celphone recover the problem? Guide me about this priblem, tnx for this site and reply your reply.

judy says:

Samsung galaxy 4 for no reason no longer does anything but displays warning a custom os can cause bla bla bla with instructions to volume up to continue down to cancel why has this happened i did nothing i can think for this ti start the volume up down doesnt work and wont go away i need help is there any way out of this mess or is this expensive new phone stuffed

fex says:

Had the same warning on my Galaxy 4 today without me doing anything in that direction! Anybody please help!

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