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How to block texts on samsung galaxy s3? | Google Android Info

How to block texts on samsung galaxy s3?

How to block texts on samsung galaxy s3?

ali How to block texts on samsung galaxy s3?
I know you can block calls by adding them to the reject list but no clue how to block annoying person’s texts

Answer by Keke
Download the blacklist app that works

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Amelia says:

try this site http://www.blockem.co.uk/ you can download the app from your phone :)

Ronnn says:

its designed for (rich) humans.. and I suppose users should be pretty much intuitive as much as the phone is…

Krizalid says:

download blacklist.apk from Google play store or search it at Google. it’s a small app which allows u to block both incoming call and text message. just browse through its options to enable the feature and add as many numbers as u wish.

Bananz says:

s3? If are looking at the contacts’ info. you can touch the button to the left of the home button. Then it will open a drop down menu. Adding contact to reject list will stop them from calling you and texting you without downloading any app.

Melanie says:

Reject list does not block texts. I have tested that theory with friends so that I can make sure an ex isn’t able to get thru at all.

natalie says:

if u want to block further texts from someone you can register the number as spam. Go into the text press the button on bottom left then scroll down to register as spam number! :)

Dan Burge says:

Spam texts still get through, I have no idea why its even an option to add to spam list when it doesnt block future texts. This is the reason IM searching for a way to block texts. spam feature does nothing.

Frank says:

I bank with Barclays and they have a free service where you can download the Kaspersky mobile security product.

With it i have full control over calls, sms etc on who is blocked or not…all apps are scanned and it dopesn’t slow down my smartphone.

Frank says:

here is the link, in case you need to find it…and no…i don’t work for Kaspersky hehehe.


chewabc says:

Like Natalie said. Open the text msg. Click menu button. Choose ‘Register as spam number’. Done!
No worry. In case u change ur mind, cn always undo it. Open a txt msg from same number. The choice of ‘U register as spam number’ will be there. :)

jesse says:

My galaxy S 3
Does not block txt messages. The closest thing that appear is ‘lock message’ that’s it

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