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How long should a Samsung Galaxy S3 battery last? | Google Android Info

How long should a Samsung Galaxy S3 battery last?

How long should a Samsung Galaxy S3 battery last?

Bella How long should a Samsung Galaxy S3 battery last?
I just received a Samsung Galaxy S3 yesterday. I was told to use up the remaining battery that the battery already had and then charge it. When the battery was at 17% level, I charged the phone until it said that it was fully charged (so I charged it for about 3-5 hours). Will this decrease or damage the battery’s life? I know some people say that it is better to charge it overnight or 8-12 hours the first time you charge a phone. Does the battery last you a day or more before you have to get it charged again? Also, how long should the battery last before it completely stops working and I have to get it replaced?

Answer by chris elliott
Most androids dont get great battery life to begin with.

Pretty much all newer androids actually stop charging when they reach full. They only continue to charge when it starts to die. So charging overnight should not hurt it, however i still dont do it. I normally get about 6-8 hours on my battery when using it, because im constantly on it for work purposes. At night time or when im not using it, i turn data off, aswell as kill all running apps. (Hold the home button and the list will pop up). It actually saves a good amount to do these couple things.

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Gadgets Repair says:

also kill the wifi and the GPS, that will save at least 30%

Bookworm711 says:

The phone’s battery should last between 300 -500 charge cycles. A charge cycle is when you completely drain the battery and charge it fully back up to 100 percent. You don’t need to fully drain these batteries all the time because of how they’re constructed they do not suffer from the memory affect that happened on Nickel based batteries where the cells would become damaged after so many partial charges the phone was only charging it to 50% but the phone stated it was fully charged because the other half of the cells were damaged so the phone wasn’t aware they existed. It only was aware of the cells that were functioning.

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