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How can I use my Samsung Galaxy S3 as “router” / hot spot and share internet connection? | Google Android Info

How can I use my Samsung Galaxy S3 as “router” / hot spot and share internet connection?

How can I use my Samsung Galaxy S3 as “router” / hot spot and share internet connection?

frandonn How can I use my Samsung Galaxy S3 as “router” / hot spot and share internet connection?
It is asking for I want to share my connection and use my samsung galaxy S3 as router/hot spot to people in the house. where will we get the wpa/wpa2 psk?

Read more: I have wireless internet which i put in my Samsung Galaxy 3. i want to share that wifi to my husband but it is asking for a WPA/WPA2 PSK. What is it and where will I get it? Any solution you can suggest? Please help.

Answer by James Clackett
Its called WiFi tethering, I haven’t got the s3 but I have the s2 and the basics are the same, Google “how to use WiFi tethering on galaxy s3″ and you will get detailed explanations on how to do it, YouTube is also a great place to find tutorials on the subject
I would show you here but it would take me like half an hour to explain it, will he handier for you to find an article on it
Hope I helped :D

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Guzel says:

You’re missing one point.

Galaxy S3 can only share its 3G or mobile internet connection over wifi. If you’re connected to a wifi network allready, then other devices should connect with that wifi network too. No need to touch your Galaxy S3.

However, if your Galaxy S3 has a data plan and data connection is active (I mean 3G or whatever it’s called in other countries), you can use your S3 to act as a router or hot spot for your other wireless devices.
Here comes the tricky part.

Click your settings icon on the second spot on the bottom left hand side of the phone’s screen which is outsite the colored screen. It should be a 3 lines of icon. Then click Settings and then find Tethering or hotspot. At this screen you have two options. First one is setting up a WPA/WPA2 PSK password for your phone’s tethering network. Choose a 10 character string. and press ok. Please notice your wifi session’s name. Other devices will see your phone as it is written in this section.

Now say goodbye to this first option.

Second option will be the only option for the next tethering connections unless you forget your 10 character long string. Now click the activate hotspot and you’re ready to go (well not you, other devices will now be able to see your phone and be able to connect to the internet using your phone’s 3G data – not wifi).

However if you receive a call, your phone’s and other devices that connect to your phone via tethering will lose connection till you end up your call.

From now on

doruletz1999 says:

You are confusing yourself and everybody else here…. just slow down a minute!

Your home network WiFi router uses your home Internet ISP provider for connection and has unlimited usage. A smart phone can connect to the Internet using you home WiFi, to save on using from your phone data plan. Your home WiFi is unlimited, your phone Internet data is not.

If you don’t have an Internet service in your house, or your are out somewhere, you can use your cell phone data plan on other devices such as laptop, iPad and tablets, gaming console, etc.
To be able do that, you would have to subscribe to a monthly plan from your cell phone provider that includes tethering and phone as WiFi hotspot.
Plans offer a limited amount of data traffic, from 2GB to 6GB per month and will cost around $ 30 to $ 60 or more per month.

Ola says:

What is it ?
WPA stands for Wireless Protected access, a form of wireless security.

PSK stands for Pre-shared key

WPA2 is a more secure form of WPA

Where will I get it?
You create that key – Simply put, it is a password.

All this means is that you need to first off, create a key on your Samsung Galaxy S3.

Other devices that you wish to connect to your S3 then need to be provided with this key (password) when attempting to connect to it, hence it being referred to as being Pre-shared.

I do not own a Samsung Galaxy S3 and therefore I am unable to provide you with the actual steps to enter this key but the facility to do so should exist on the device, you need to look for it.

I hope this helps.

** Shared-key WPA remains vulnerable to password cracking attacks if users rely on a weak password or passphrase. To protect against a brute force attack, a truly random passphrase of 13 characters (selected from the set of 95 permitted characters) is probably sufficient. **

Try not to be obvious with your passphrase, I believe the passphrase could be case-sensitive and can be made up of both letters and numbers – but do not take my word on this as gospel.

If this answers your question remember to update it as having been answered.

Steve says:

This is just tethering not routing, as far as i know there is no routing option for the Galaxy S3.

I have an S3 and use around 70-80 GB a month on my unlimited data plan (this is my only Internet connection).

The down side is that you have no control over the routing of the data returning to the network, so things like ssh ftp telnet etc can not be routed to an individual machine on the network.

I wish there were as i would love a routing app for the S3 and really do have a need, so if anyone knows differently then please correct me.


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