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Galaxy Note 2 4G Capable or just 3G? | Google Android Info

Galaxy Note 2 4G Capable or just 3G?

Galaxy Note 2 4G Capable or just 3G?

MR Mystic Galaxy Note 2 4G Capable or just 3G?
Dial A Phone have got this on pre order for delivery Monday but everyone is giving me different answers on its 4G capabilities.Samsung said it’s capable.Phones 4 u said 3G only.O2 said it’s capable.Dial A Phone said it’s capable and finally Clove said it wasn’t.I’m with o2 and just want to know it will work on their 4G when it’s up and running.Not interested in EE.O2 Said the Galaxy s3 would work on their future 4G because it was regional,but I read else where on the web that’s not the case,hence there’s a Galaxy s3lte coming out.Confused I certainly am.

Answer by Kukkur M
It is 4G LTE capable.
I guess the reason different providers are giving these answers, is because they are not ready to offer 4G connection.

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Francis G says:

Most definitely 3G
NOT 4G well NOT 4G UK ****

“Oh for UK sake” (close but not profanity) The NOTE is NOT 4G you’ve seen this

OK eg 3G HSDPA UK 3G is 2100MhZ, THE NOTE 2 (MODEL N7100 I’m gonna tell a joke now, at last a model with some meat on their bones) so 3G UK

Now being serious re 4G
The problem is 4G LTE has different frequencies all other the World
EE is using the 1800MhZ so N7100 won’t BE 4G on EE.

Note model N7105 uses Class 17 or 2100MhZ
As I understand it O2 and Vodafone will be using 800 MhZ and 2600 MhZ

And the SGS 3 is regional as you state however this must mean that a 4G LTE NOTE 2 will have the same overall specs…. but an O2 NOTE 2 will be have a different chip to an EE NOTE 2, if the UK operators end up using different 4g LTE frequencies

If O2 are correct then there will be another model of NOTE 2 which will have utilise the 4G LTE frequency O2 are adopting.

The geniuses at Nokia who were making smart phones when “smart” and “phone” were TWO words seem to have gotten the jump on everybody.

As the Lumia 920 is NOT expandable but the Lumia 820 is (my preference) hopefully you will be a little less confused, but in the interest of enlightenment, here are the lumia 820 specs which is the Windows 8 4G LTE equivalent of the AAndroid Samsung Galaxy S2.
Note all the 4G bands appear to be covered

Until you see actual FREQUENCIES on the box / user guide for the Note 2 that will be delivered is NOT 4G is my tentative answer however …..
As we don’t know how up to date the GSMArena site is, eg a 4G EE NOTE 2 may already exist as does an O2 and vodafone, but you won’t be able to switch network and get 4G, whereas with the Lumia 820 you could

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