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Why does my Samsung Galaxy S3 Take so long to charge? | Google Android Info

Why does my Samsung Galaxy S3 Take so long to charge?

Why does my Samsung Galaxy S3 Take so long to charge?

Jack Why does my Samsung Galaxy S3 Take so long to charge?
I have put power saving mode on, I have turned brightness down and closed all apps, even turned the phone off.. it goes up 2% in like 1 hour…
I am using a blackberry tablet charger, it fits.. is that why?

Answer by Jsolver
I have a Galaxy S3 as well and it doesn’t do that. My best bet is to take it into your carrier’s store and get it checked. My sister had a defective Galaxy.. it happens :P Good luck!

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Maimi Green says:

You need a new battery. You can buy them off ebay or if you have a warranty go to the shop you bought it and get a new one. Either that or you have the wrong charger or your socket in the phone to plug the charger in is broken. Send it off go to a mobile store or get a new phone but don’t just leave it cos it wont get any better otherwise.

Helen says:

It’s not the charger or battery. My was doing same thing on more than one occasion first time turned out to be s cloud starter so uninstalled updates on Samsung account then deleted s cloud phone went back to normal. They then did an update to Samsung account and phone started doing it again so disabled it phone back to normal with its charging. Everytime I have that sort of problem its always connected to Samsung account. Use application manager go to all and it’s in there

Nick says:

It will most likely be the blackberry charger as the blackberry charger is built of a different watt power. Try a regular S3 charger and see if it is fine then. They’re only $ 10 at some stores like Best Buy. If it does not work then bring it to the store and get them to check it out.

DJ Cyber Freak says:

Even the original chargers are not that high wattage, buy a simple usb plug then plug a normal usb cable in it and charge it that way, you can charge a samsung galaxy s2 in an hour with it

razeen says:

Hi am using s3 .. and problem I face s sometimes wen I plug the chager it takes a long time to charge 1% ..sometimes it will get charged quickly

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