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Q&A: Damaged SD card error Samsung Galaxy S3? | Google Android Info

Q&A: Damaged SD card error Samsung Galaxy S3?

Q&A: Damaged SD card error Samsung Galaxy S3?

lady.x Damaged SD card error Samsung Galaxy S3?
I have had my SGS3 for approx 9 months and the micro SD card in it is the one I had previously used with my Blackberry. I simply swapped it to my new when I got it (ie 9mths ago) phone. It has always worked with no problems whatsoever and I have always been able to access all my old pictures and videos and music. HOWEVER, in the last 3 days an error message saying ‘Damaged SD card. You may have to reformat.” has been showing in my drop down notification bar. I can only access some of my gallery (presumably the media that is stored on my phone memory and not any of my micro SD card).

I have tried connecting my phone to my laptop and automatically importing all the media. This however is not importing any of my missing pics etc from my SD card. I am in a terrible state as my dad recently died and I have voice recordings, videos and pictures of him on this SD card. I never imagined that my phone would DAMAGE my SD card! I want to add that I had neither removed he SD card, SIM card or battery OR even taken the back off of my phone before this happened. I have tried deleting the most recently installed apps (language apps ie Babbel.com and Busuu.com apps, yahoo mail app). I dont understand if these apps may have caused this problem however my phone was working fine for days after installing these apps. They are also relatively safe apps! SO back to the Damaged SD card…..I have also tried removing and reinserting the SD card, the SIM and the battery. I have tried resetting the phone settings, switching the phone on and off. What else can I do?? I can try to reformat this card but if I do this then I will definately and irrevocably lose all my precious pics, etc of my dad. PLEASE PLEASE help. Is there a way I can save my damaged SD card. Or any way that I can somehow transfer the data to another device such as my laptop. PS please note that it is a 2GB Micro SD card and it was in NO way even half full. There was over 1GB of storage left on the SD card and there is still 8.5GB of storage left in my Samsung Galaxy S3 device storage. I am quite emotional about this. These pics and voice clips and vids are one of the few things I have remaining of my dad and I cant lose them. Please help. And please no nasty trolls with cheeky comments. My heart cant take it right now. ;( Thank you for any advice you can give me.

One last thing – I tried putting my Micro SD into my mums phone and it didnt recognise the memory card – saying it needed reformatted. I loved my Galaxy S3 until it knackered up my sd card. I hope there is some way of accessing this lost data….

Answer by Bill
Get a new SD card and keep the old one in a safe place. Someone may find a way to recover the files from it.

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Mujtaba says:

You may need to buy a new SD card because it might have been broken or it might have just been corrupted by a file or through the internet.
There may be a corrupted file what you can do is insert the card in computer and format it by some tool something like this https://www.sdcard.org/downloads/formatter_3/
Hope i helped

DENNIS says:

I had (am still having on occasions!) the same issue, but just when I was about to bin the SD card, all of a sudden it was resurrected – recognised by the phone (& PC) and everything was accessible again. Decided to stick with it, but since happens again on occasion, but now it’s kind of an intermittent fault, where it isn’t recognised or accessible, then it is, then isn’t – sometimes cycles in and out almost continuously (side-effect of which is the battery drains rapidly!).
At the moment, it’s taken out and I’m trying to find out whether I need a new SD card, or whether the phone needs to go back!
But the good news (and the long-forgotten point of this post!) is that if you’re lucky, the stuff on your card may well come back to life – try taking it out, restarting your phone, then turning it back off, re-inserting the card & turning it back on – fingers crossed for you :)

*Edit: also see here http://forums.androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-s3/220572-micro-sd-card-just-stopped-being-recognized.html

Ariane says:

Follow the instructions on this link:


I thought i’d lost thousands of photos and videos. It took me a while to figure out exactly what he meant but IT WORKED!!!!

Hope it works for you too…. :)

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