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Google Nexus 7 for college student? | Google Android Info

Google Nexus 7 for college student?

Google Nexus 7 for college student?

Google Nexus 7 for college student?
Hi, every1 I’ll being starting college this fall so i was wondering would it be worth getting a nexus 7 tablet for note-taking? Btw i can’t afford an ipad so please don’t say ipad.. Major Nursing. Thanks for any help!

Answer by Xanza
I don’t recommend anything other than a Laptop for note taking. I’ve been there and done that, tablets are too big of a hassle when it comes to stuff like that. You’ll end up being in the middle of a lecture and want to do something that’s either outside the capacity of a tablet, or you might need an application (and if there is no wifi) then you’re screwed.

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Jake says:

Tablets are still best for media consumption and not so good for productivity. you can find somewhat clunky laptops for about $ 250 on sale, if you have a dedicated computer in your room and can’t lug a laptop and books, then the tablet might be more acceptable, you would probably at least get an external keyboard for faster typing.

original says:

not my answer its a copy and paste from someone name Corvato
“you would need some form of keyboard to note taking, which you already mentioned, but otherwise its fast, powerful, easy to read, tons of free apps… generally just an amazing tablet.”

Steven says:

You could use it for note taking so you should get one. Try it out for a week and if you don’t like it just take it back. A great place to get one for a good price is Kudu Bids. They are an online store that offers deals each day to it’s members. I won one on there for just about half the retail price! They have a lot of great products for sale each day so if you want to save some serious money on a tablet check out Kudu Bids. Trust me, it is well worth it! KuduBids.com

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