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what is the best tablet for a 3 year old? | Google Android Info

what is the best tablet for a 3 year old?

what is the best tablet for a 3 year old?

Bobby Johnson what is the best tablet for a 3 year old?
im thinking about getting my son a tablet for Christmas, i want one not too expensive (to buy and to up keep, with games etc.) hes extremely intelligent gadget wise (figured an ipod out at 18m) he loves stories and also games. also an internet connection with protection to download apps for it and to keep the internet locked will be an advantage. (if that makes sense)

Answer by D
the cheapest

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Robert says:

When I was a kid, chalk and a slate was AWESOME.

So was paper and crayons. Blocks were hot too.

Wildcard says:


Seriously though, whatever is the cheapest, preferably something that is built like a tank also.

carolina says:

None. Why the hell are you buying a tablet for a 3 YEAR OLD?!?! They will be MUCH smarter, less brattier, and overall a better child with out one. Please don’t buy them one, they’re better off with out it.

JK says:

A three year old doesn’t need a tablet. He’s just gonna break it or end up throwing it in a pile of toys in 6 months.

Kernow Lady says:

Before anyone says he is to young. My Grandson at 3 years 3 months started up the computer, went into his fathers X box account, typed in the password and ordered 2 games. Pressed submit and closed it down. Dad received an invoice 2 days later. Phoned the company in panic in case he had pressed submit over and over, but he did not. Computer now locked.
Good Luck

Cecilie says:

I would think an iPod/iPad. iPads have a case I saw at target which is meant for little kids like that and theres this one app you can get that pulls up another iPad page specifically for kids. It has learning games that I saw a little 4 year old playing with at the apple store and he loved it! Hope I could help!!!

Renegade London says:

Get one that you want that he can use. Kindles are awesome!

Emma says:

Kurio pad.or leappad explorer, the leappad might be better but kurio is a tablet for kids.

Ally says:

My 3 year old absolutely love his tablet we got him
and hes really good with using it (but he now touches the screen on laptops an wonders why it doesnt work lol)
We just got one of the cheapest android one we could find on amazon, I would get him a proper one not a kiddy one cause the games are alot more limited on the kids one
it was the smaller size we got to, I think 7inches
he has loads of games an videos on it, if your son is anything like mine though careful he doesnt get obsessed with it, we let him play it for as much as he wanted the first couple days, he didnt put it down, now wev limited it and he doesnt get obsessive
hes learnt so quick that if a certain pop up comes up he knows it needs to charge and stuff, its amazing how quick they learn stuff like it an the games on it etc :)

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