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what is the best phone to get Samsung galaxy s3 or Iphone 5? | Google Android Info

what is the best phone to get Samsung galaxy s3 or Iphone 5?

what is the best phone to get Samsung galaxy s3 or Iphone 5?

Lep what is the best phone to get Samsung galaxy s3 or Iphone 5?

Answer by Ish
Iphone 5 is muchhh better but tbh i would wait for the 5s or six because even though its amazing, its still not perfect but the iphone 5s or 6 will be amazing!!

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ScσττRΛSC³ says:

iPhone 5

pranav manamohan says:

Galaxy S3 for sure..

Mockingjay says:

Samsung galaxy S3. It is much cheaper and does alot more for your money. The large screen enable s you to do everything you have to. It has a great camra and many apps. Its realy easy to use and you can design your own home screen. Also if you think it is too big then you can get the mini which does the exact same but cheaper.

stu says:

both phones are the top dogs for iOS and android.
you have to decide what platform you want to use.
iOS is smooth and simple but more “locked down” and you have to use iTunes for pretty much everything.
Android is also very smooth, but has a slight learning curve. it is more open, you have a file system, you can drag and drop music, movies, files ect. from your computer. you can completely customize your phone to your needs/wants.

i am an android person for sure, so i would go the S3…but neither phone is a bad choice. just one OS might work better for you than the other and that is what this decision really comes down to.

Francis G says:

Yeah it has ben asked and asked again

Re suggestion of SGS 3 Mini 1.0Ghz Dual Core processor 5Mp, this unfortunately is a BAD suggestion and only if the SGS II 1.2Ghz Dual Core processor 8Mp did not exist

The SGS II is the T3 Phone Of The Year 2011 and in every single category is far superior /BETTER SPECS to the SGS 3 Mini which you can view yourself when you use the comparison tool

But to your question
There are ONLY 3 new features on the IP5 not on the IP4S and it is still Dual Core
When the dust settles the IP5 will turn out to be a thinner, lighter, faster iPhone4S and the 1st phone that typically breaches the £1K contract tariff] another Dual-Core phone from Apple

As you will see from the answer SGS III if it has to be Quad Core
SGS II if Dual Core both of which are superior to the IP5 which despite it staggering price also has a 1.2Ghz Dual Core processor the same as the SGS II
earlier answer http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AoPm1OINWZHalnwazd93cj0hBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20121231014854AAqzhcr

Dialaphone says:

Hi there,

Choosing a phone can be a tough decision as there are a lot of great smartphones available on the market – it’s all about which one is the best for you based on how you use your phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S3, is currently Samsung’s best selling smartphone, boasting a 4.8-inch HD AMOLED display and S Voice assistant. Like the iPhone 5, the S3 also has an 8-megapixel camera, complete with an LED flash for capturing and producing top quality photos, and runs on Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The iPhone 5 offers lots of features including FaceTime HD and the Siri Voice Assistant, along with an 8-megapixel camera and a 326ppi display which gives fantastic image quality and screen resolution – perfect for taking photos, and 4G connectivity, giving you faster download speeds.

If you need any more info or details on each of the phones, reading around the specifications is the best way. Here is a link to a good overview feature on our website



I hope this helps you out


llama says:

Troll Phone by apple

Alice says:

Samsung galaxy s3

Liam says:

Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the iphone 5 because

1. It is cheaper

2. It is quicker – it has a quad core processor instead of a dual core in the iphone

3. The screen is amazing don’t go telling me the iphone 20ppi more than the s3 (306 ppi vs 326ppi). The colours on it are amazing and I find it more enjoyable to watch than on the iphone.

4. The screen is miles bigger than the iphones screen. Also if anyone tells you its to big don’t believe them because I’ve used the S3 and I can do one handed operations no problem and I don’t have big hands. The big screen is only a pro as there is no problem with portability or one handed operations so I wouldn’t worry but if you are not sure test it out in a shop and see for yourself the lack of problems with the big screen.

5. Expandable storage- You can put a microsd (up to 64gb) in the S3, this is a cheaper option than going for a 64gb iphone. Also on the S3 you will have 16gb(on phone minimum and up to 64gb on microsd in comparison to only up to 64gb on iphone. The S3 also supports usb OTG (reads usbs with adapter) so you can also read all your usb keys(no hard drives).

6. Micro usb charger (that is so cheap to buy and you might have chargers from other devices) instead of lighting connector that is harder to find and more expensive.

7. Customizable- Change launcher(Are you bored, get a new launcher that suits you and your personality), custom ROM your phone and have access to apps specifically made for rooted devices directly on the play store. You control the device so that it suits you.

8. It has plenty of accessories, companies that used to build only for iphone have started launching products for it (for example Mophie has advertised battery case for it). Also Samsung is making an effort to make a lot of accessories available for it.

9. NFC- Want to transfer a music album quicker than bluetooth, well now you can with NFC. You can also use Tectiles to make your life easier (check out this site to learn more about them http://www.samsung.com/us/microsite/tectile/ )

10. The S3 does not suffer from scratches like the iphone 5 where the back of the phone is aluminium and scratches really easy, the S3 does not suffer this fate.

11. Removable battery- You can buy an extra battery for cheap and bring it around with you so if you run out of charge you can just pop a battery into it without hassle. Also if you drop the phone in water you can just remove the battery and put the phone and battery to dry in rice without problems (removing the battery reduces chances of the device getting damaged) as far as I know this is a great plus with such an amazing device.

12. Dropbox- Love cloud storage well Samsung is offering 50gb free of charge to S3 owners for 2 years on Dropbox. Backup music, video, photos(this can be done automatically), documents etc. Who doesn’t want this amount of free cloud storage?(You have to complete a certain amount of steps to get the free storage but none requires any credit card details or anything to complicated) (N.B Not everyone will be offered this bonus as carriers have own to have stopped Samsung from offering this to customers).

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