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whats the difference between a widget and a app? | Google Android Info

whats the difference between a widget and a app?

whats the difference between a widget and a app?

angela3745 whats the difference between a widget and a app?
Just wondering about differences between apps and widgets?
thanks for your answers so far another question is can a widget be remove like a app?

Answer by Mr Bytes
In simple terms, a widget is a small application running on your screen, such as Weather, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit. It is always running/updating.

An application, which is not a widget, requires you to click on the application’s icon to open and run it. You then close it when finished. They can be run without internet access in some cases.

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Nikhil T says:

Apps (shortcut for Applications) are programs / softwares that you need to open whereas,
Widgets are the apps for your Desktop / Home Screen, which if applied, never stops running until you remove them.

Examples in case of Android:
App -> Calculator
Widget -> Weather App

Examples in case of Computer:
App -> Calculator
Widget -> Sticky Notes

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Patters says:

Historically speaking, a widget is a user interface element which can be used by programmers or user interface designers to build a user interface for an application or other software. For example, it could be a button, or a frame that can hold content and has scrollbars if the content doesn’t fit, or a thing that displays the current time and date. That sort of thing. Widgets can be very basic or quite specialised. For instance, you could have a widget that shows maps and map data, which would be an example of a specialised widget. These kinds of widgets are not normally put in place directly by end-users.

In the present day, the word widget still means the kind of widgets that are used to build user interfaces, but, by extension of that original meaning, it has also come to mean a small application which is run within a widget layer or widget engine that allows the user to build up a sort of “dashboard” of widgets that they would like to refer to or use. Such widgets are generally single-function and have minimal features, compared to a fully-fledged application.

An application (or app, for short) is a software program which is designed to be used for a particular purpose or, in other words, to be used for a particular “application”. In the same way that you might say that “one application of a hammer is to bang in nails”, you could also say that “one application of a computer is to word process documents”. A software application, or app, is a piece of software which enables a particular application of the computer, such as word processing, or tweeting, or using email. In other words, an application enables you to “apply” the computer to a particular task. In some cases, though not always, a distinction is made between apps and applications, with apps being smaller, less feature-packed programs than applications. In the past, the word “applet” was reserved for such cut-down applications, but the word “applet” nowadays tends to refer specifically to applets that run inside web pages using plugins, such as Java or Flash.

Applications are sometimes distinguished from other types of programs, such as system software and utility software, which are more to do with the workings of the actual computer, rather than to do with using it for particular purposes.

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