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Alternative to Flash Player for Android? | Google Android Info

Alternative to Flash Player for Android?

Alternative to Flash Player for Android?

cherise Alternative to Flash Player for Android?
I just got the samsung galaxy note 10.1 it’s on jellybean 4.1, obviously this means it doesn’t have flash player, I’m really not confident enough to “side-add” it on, or whatever it is. So I’m looking for a (preferably free) samsung or google play store app that will allow me to watch films and play games online on my tablet. Some website mentioned something like HTML5, but there are so many, that I’m not sure which one to get… oh dear I’m such a noob haha…

So yeah, any suggestions please? x
“legitimately watch films”

I guess someone hasn’t heard of catch-up tv? Still legal yano!

Answer by Andi
side-loading is your only option.
as only Adobe makes flash.

HTML5 is the new webpage video standard,
and everyone is being encouraged to ‘change’ to it
SOME youtube videos are already in HTML5 and will be viewable from a webpage on your samsung, others will not work.

So Sideloading is the only answer IF it is not available.

however, in the UK, I thought it was still on google play,
because the BBC uses it still, and needed more time to convert their BBC iPlayer.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-19428902 – see here
Though that might have changed since sept 2012 (only a month later)


To load it outside of the play store, you just need to locate the apk file
eg google for ‘flash apk’
many sites already have the side load already
your browser will download it,
you goto Android -> settings and enable ‘install from anywhere’/non-market apps


(you will get a danger warning – ignore)
and then click on the download and it will install.

many apps are available as pure apk files and can be installed this way.
especially if you have an Android which has no google play store (eg phones in china are not allowed it , and they always have to load this way), and some none-phone tablets cannot have it (google rules)

example flash apk (for jelly bean)


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classicsat says:

Well, first is the native Android apps/games in the store, including apps for content sources. All of the major legitimate sources will have direct apps, and if you intend to legitimately watch films, that is where you go to.

It is the game/content sites that need to use HTML5 to be playable on a tablet, outside of Flash or their own dedicated app.

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