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Q&A: why wont youtube videos play on google chrome? | Google Android Info

Q&A: why wont youtube videos play on google chrome?

Q&A: why wont youtube videos play on google chrome?
google play
by National Library of Ireland on The Commons

brit.gross why wont youtube videos play on google chrome?
when i use youtube on internet explorer the videos play just fine, but when i use it on google chrome the audio plays but not the video. this just started recently, what is the problem?

Answer by Torstein
They work fine on Chrome here, maybe you need to try another browser like Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

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â„’ust Murder says:

I recently encountered this problem with Chrome as well and I think it has something to do with certain extensions I have installed. Unfortunately I have not found a proper solution. Videos play fine in Firefox but Chrome only gives me audio. However do you have AdBlock Plus installed for Chrome?

eric e says:

It’s a recent update Youtube did, and it’s something they’re working on. Report the problem in the youtube help forum, it’ll help the programmers fix it.

I’m guessing that if you go the video owners page, the video plays fine, but regularly it doesn’t.

Sithka says:

Hey guys,

Great collaborative work on figuring this out. For recent reports, it sounds like these steps helped resolve issues with not seeing videos in YouTube:

- If using AdBlock, unchecking ‘block ads inside YouTube videos’
- Updating Java
- Clearing cache

Since this more recent conversation has slightly different background than the original post made in ’08, I’ll be closing this thread. If you’re still seeing issues, please feel free to start up a new conversation.


jsgreen45 says:

Its a problem with Google and the Shockwave plug-in. Not alot you can do. You can work around it by just keep trying til it works.

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